2005-03-16 / Front Page

Moran Township Looks at New Street Names

The Moran Township Board of Trustees, at its Wednesday, March 2 meeting, presented recommended road name changes to improve mapping and 9-1-1 service and heard a presentation by Mackinac Straits Hospital CEO Rod Nelson to gain support for the upcoming hospital millage.

Letters will be sent from the board this week to affected residents on six different streets for their input on the proposed changes with a two-week time limit for response. The following changes are recommended: Portage Street will be changed to South Portage. Graham Street will be changed to Dettman Street. Spruce Street will be changed to Langhoff Lane. Spencer Road will be changed to Closer to North.

New names for Smith Road and Spruce Addition have not yet been determined and some other private roads are being considered. The road names are being changed because of confusion with similarly named roads, and to make it easier for emergency vehicles to find their destination in the area.

After Mr. Nelson’s presentation, the board moved to support the request for 1.2 operational mills. Literature made available by Mr. Nelson said the proposal is actually a reduction from the 1.4 mills residents are currently assessed and cited recent improvements in hospital services. It also emphasized that the millage is not going toward the new hospital, but is a renewal of an operating millage that has been in place since 1989.

The county-wide vote will take place May 3.

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