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St. Ignace Election Reminder

Voters To Choose Mayor Tues.

The special election for mayor of the City of St. Ignace will be held from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Little Bear East Conference Center and Ice Arena Tuesday, February 28. Voters will decide among seven candidates.

Candidates running for mayor include Susan TamlynMassaway, John Becker, Dean Baker, William LaLonde, Steve DuFresne, Patrick Rickley, and Paul Grondin.

An eighth name, Elizabeth Brown’s, will appear on the ballot, but she has dropped out of the race.

Three of the seven candidates are serving on City Council, Mr. LaLonde, Mrs. Tamlyn-Massaway, and Mr. Grondin. Both Mr. Grondin and Mr. LaLonde’s four-year terms expire in November 2007, while Mrs. TamlynMassaway’s ends in November 2009.

If one of the council members is elected, Council can choose to either appoint a replacement right away or accept applications and then appoint to fill the vacancy until that term is expired. The seat will be open for the next scheduled election.

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