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Les Cheneaux

By Helen Shoberg

This is the largest fish caught by Don Schwaderer July 3, measuring 40 inches, and weighing 14 pounds. This is the largest fish caught by Don Schwaderer July 3, measuring 40 inches, and weighing 14 pounds. There was no Les Cheneaux column last week because of my grandson's wedding in Holland, Michigan. All I can say is that it was all wonderful. There is nothing like the joy of a wedding. Family and friends were there as well as the enjoyment of good food, music, and dancing, and new friends were made. The happy couple flew off for a honeymoon in Hawaii, after which they will come up here to enjoy this great northern air.

Many readers love to hear about the appearances and the antics of the native animals and birds. This week, I have a little story from Mary Dietrich of Hessel, who called to tell me that she has nesting bluebirds in her bluebird nesting box. She has seen four adult bluebirds so far, and feels sure they have young ones. An amusing story she related was that a saucy squirrel living nearby was "dive-bombing" the birds, when the four of them began attacking the poor little squirrel. The squirrel ran away and hasn't been seen since. We reported on a chukar a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone else have a nature story to tell?

The Arts Council of Les Cheneaux is having an exhibition at the Cedarville Inn for members of that organization beginning Friday, July 14, until Monday, August 14. Be sure to see what has been going on with this organization.

On Monday, July 17, at 7 p.m. there will be a boat building lecture, with slides, to be presented by Paul Wilson at the Maritime Museum. Paul is an expert wooden boat builder who has built, or had a hand in building, the kayaks and canoes that are raffled each year by the Les Cheneaux Historical Association. The lecture will be followed by a tour of the boat-building area of the museum where the latest raffle boat is being completed.

Ron Paquin, a very talented Native American craftsman, will be the featured Artist of the Week at the Historical Museum in Cedarville from noon to 3 p.m. Wednesday, July 19.

In a silent auction going on at the Les Cheneaux Library, one may bid on hand-decorated tables until Saturday, July 29. The tables are being displayed at the library, where you may also make your bid. These tables were all made by the woodworking class in the Les Cheneaux Schools and were distributed to local artists who wished to decorate one. The minimum bid on the tables is $50 and each one is an unusual piece of local art. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase a collector's piece.

William Stephen won the Lions Club $100 lottery July 4.

A very special anniversary was celebrated Sunday, July 9, with friends and family of Gary and Boots Sweet of Hill Island. A gathering was held at the home of Bob and Cheryl Edwards in honor of the Sweets' 50th wedding anniversary.

There have been some really good fish stories lately and one of these fishermen sent me his story, parts of which I shall relate here. Don Schwaderer of Edison, Ohio, began his vacations in the Cedarville and Hessel area in 1965 when he was only nine months old. He learned to walk at Jack Law's cabins and has been coming to the area spring, summer, and fall ever since.

This year Don and his wife, Tonya, and their children stayed in Cedarville at Chouinards Islington View cottages (formerly Shoberg's Resort) and had the best fishing ever. They caught 16 northern pike, as well as some perch and rock bass. Two of the pike are the biggest that Don has ever caught, one weighing 15 pounds and measuring 40 inches long and the second largest weighing 13 pounds and measuring 39 inches long. The accompanying photograph is of Don's biggest fish.

It's always nice to hear and to write about good fishing, which was at one time the heart of the resort business in the Les Cheneaux Islands. Thanks, Don, for your fish tale.

In closing, the community was sorry to lose another of its wonderful senior citizens. Bernadine "Bernie" Dunn taught school here as a young girl and met her future husband, Archie, shortly after moving here. She was an outstanding teacher and she and Archie raised four fine children. They traveled a lot in their later years and had a wonderful life together. We shall all miss Bernie.

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