2007-08-30 / Opinion

Clark Township Needs Affordable Land Along With Housing

To the Editor:

I've been involved in local government for more than 30 years. Here is some free advice for the Clark Township board:

Fire the Traverse zoning advisors on master plans. Traverse, you're not.

The township needs affordable housing, and this starts with affordable land. A lack of people can close a school and make a government totally ineffective.

Reduce the two-acre building lot size.

Remember the sewer system, a great idea, but not for 10-acre sites.

Look at the area roads. The overhead for plowing and fire protection is the same for one family or 20.

The census needs to climb, as revenue from the state is based on locals, not vacationers.

People have always paid taxes on swampland for hunting, walking, and viewing. Now someone has a better idea. All the tax exemptions force the rest of the taxpayers to make up the difference in lost revenue.

The state should be asked to cap the amount of tax-exempt land any school district or government has to accept.

The state should return some stand land to the private sector, where it can be proven that tax exemptions have caused financial problems for schools and local governments.

Wetlands should not get a tax break, as they are already regulated.

The creation of a fire hazard of dying trees, spread across a brushchoked landscape that blocks the view of something worth looking at, is hardly worth a tax break, either.

The future of Clark Township doesn't lie in the freezing of someone's vision of what the area should look like in 50 years.

It's far more important that, 50 years down the road, there is still an area school system in place, capable of producing good leadership for the day. Don Root Hesperia

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