2007-08-30 / Opinion

War With Radical Muslims Is Justified

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to the letter of Mary K. Martin, published in the August 16 issue of The St. Ignace News, "Group Shared Message."

I would agree with her that war and bombs are a tremendous waste of lives, time, and monetary resources. However, I feel the major question to her is, "Where would she like to fight this war?" or has she forgotten 9-11? Has she also forgotten that the goal of the radical Muslim world is to rid it of all infidels, of which she will be classed as one?

She can continue to be tolerant of those who are out to eliminate us/her, where she will lose the hard-fought right of our predecessors for her to be able to write a newspaper editor or march in a parade. Oh, other than losing her rights and becoming a secondclass citizen, subject to the whim of her husband or other male, she and her female grandchildren will be wearing burkas, and forced to learn the Koran. I personally find any war with the radical Muslim world is justified, especially when the leader of Iran claims the Holocaust did not happen, and when our so-called friends in Saudi Arabia are financing the total promotion of Shirea Law, and the Madrassaha schooling.

I would suggest to Ms. Martin that she spend more time in other places of the United States, other than Cheboygan. Cheboygan is a great town, but like all of Northern Michigan, it is totally isolated from what is really happening in the world. John Andree DeTour Village

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