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Cedarville Boys, Pickford Girls Win EUPC 9/10 Track Meet

The Cedarville Trojans boys and the Pickford Panthers girls captured first place at the Eastern Upper Peninsula Conference freshman and sophomore meet at the Robert W. Smith Track in Cedarville Tuesday, May 6.

The Trojans totaled 93 points to take first place in the boys division. They were followed by Pickford with 67, Engadine 66, Brimley 40, and DeTour 28.

In the girls division, Pickford placed first with a total of 118 points, followed by Brimley with 73, Cedarville and DeTour 40, Engadine 32, and Mackinac Island 2.

Cedarville Boys: Jordan Baker, first in high and low hurdles, and high jump, second in long jump; Matthew Schlosser, first in 1600- meter and 3200-meter runs; Tyler Kanitz, second in high and low hurdles; Michael Kenny, third in pole valut, and 800-meter and 1600-meter runs; Jacob Strait, third in shot put; Brent Heerspink, fourth in 3200-meter run; Rex Rohrer, fourth in discus; Jeremy Sherlund, fourth in 400-meter run; Patrick Duman, fifth in discus.

The Trojans placed first and second in the 400-meter relay and 800-meter relay, respectively.

Cedarville Girls: Jillian Collins, first in pole vault, fifth in long jump; Anna St. Andrew, first in 800, fourth in 200, fifth in 100; Savannah Madigan, third in 1600 and 3200; Amber St. Andrew, third in 400; Logan Smith, fourth in shot put.

The Trojans finished second in the 1600-meter relay and third in the 400-meter relay.

Pickford Girls: Marlee Michalski, first in shot put, third in discus; Rachel Reich, first in long jump, fourth in 100; Jaimi Rifenberg, second in high hurdles, third in low hurdles and high jump; Brandi Kopnitz, second in 1600 and 3200; Amanda Felty, second in 400, third in 200; Callie Smith, second in 800, fourth in discus; Katie Raymond, second in pole vault; Courtlyn Esslin, fourth in high hurdles; Casey Strieter, fourth in 1600; Krista Esslin, fourth in low hurdles; Chelsea Spencer, fourth in 3200; Jenna Ledy, fourth in high jump and 400; Kelsie Brown, fifth in 400; Courtney Weihman, fifth in 1600.

The Panthers took first in the 400-, 800-, 1600-, and 3200-meter relay events.

Pickford Boys: Jonah Hascall, first in pole vault, second in 400; Brandon Christ, first in 800; Cody Beck, second in pole vault, fourth in high hurdles, fifth in low hurdles; Burton Gough, third in 3200, fourth in 800 and 1600; Zach Milaski, fourth in 100; Paul Morrison, fourth in low hurdles; Charlie Halsey, fifth in shot put.

The Panthers took first in the 800- and 3200-meter relays and second in the 400-meter relay.

Brimley Girls: Jessica Graham, first in 200 and 400, second in high jump, third in 100; Becca Carruthers, first in high and low hurdles, fifth in high jump; Lynette Carrick, first in 1600 and 3200, third in 800; Rachel Carruthers, first in 100; Miranda Reattoir, fourth in 800.

Brimley Boys; Cody Bosbous, second in discus, fourth in shot put; Harutyunyan Anania, third in 100 and 200; Ty Roots, third in high and low hurdles; Caleb Stahl, third in 400, fourth in 200.

The Bays took first and third, respectively, in the 1600-meter relay and 400-meter relay.

Engadine Boys: Phillip Hood, first in 100, 200, 400, and long jump; Michael Klobucher, first in shot put; David Winchester, second in 1600 and 3200; Ken Oven, second in 800.

Engadine Girls: Tia Browning, second in 100 and 200, fourth in long jump; Kacie Rutledge, second in shot put; fifth in 200; Leah Blanchard, second in long jump; Heather Troyer, fifth in shot put.

The Eagles placed second in the 400-meter relay.

DeTour Girls: Nicole Melcer, first in high jump, second in high jump, third in long jump and high hurdles; Ashlyn Bosley, second in discus; Sarah Reed, third in shot put.

DeTour Boys: Paul Stocking, second in 100 and 200, third in long jump, fifth in 400; Harry Reinfelder, second in shot put, third in discus; Jon Raabe, fifth in long jump.

Mackinac Island Girls: Shelbie Mosley, fifth in discus; Morgan Brodeur-Bunker, fifth in 800.

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