2011-10-13 / News

New Student Proficiency Measures Passed By The State

The Michigan State Board of Education voted six to one, with one member abstaining, that students will now have to answer two-thirds of questions correct on standardized tests to be considered proficient in a subject.

Students previously only had to get one-third of questions correct on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program and the Michigan

Merit Exam.

One member of the board, Marianne McGuire of Detroit, voted against the proposal. Kathleen Straus of Detroit abstained under her premise that the board was violating a policy of prohibiting a vote on an item the same day it is introduced for discussion.

“It’s likely to negatively impact our AYPs for the schools,” Dan Reattoir, superintendent of the ISD said. “It will negatively impact student achievement scores, until we have time to make that adjustment.

“If you compare it to a high jump, we just got our schools over the five-foot bar, and now the state’s moving the bar up to six feet. Some people might be able to do that right away, but others will have to build up to that.”

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