2013-04-04 / Meeting Minutes

Clark Township Minutes


Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance: 7:00 PM

Roll Call: Present – Reid, Rutledge, Carpenter, Sherlund, Wellnitz.

Motion: Wellnitz made the motion to approve the Agenda as amended. Sherlund supported. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Motion: Rutledge made the motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Carpenter supported. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Supervisor’s Report

Wade Trim is almost complete with their final report. We are hoping to have this by the end of March. Tim Truax reported that he does not see any problems that are at the “critical” stage, but there will be some procedural requirements that need to be done and looked at. A priority list will then be made. Reid wanted it made public that Dan Carmichael had offered his front end loader to move the snow piles back up at the airport. He donated 24 ½ hours with the loader and operator. Had we paid for this, it would have cost the Township about $2,695.00. Thank You Dan!! It is people like you that help our Community so much! Reid is working with the Mackinac Economic Alliance and the L.C. Community Foundation on a contract to improve our area and promote future investors. Reid met with the Little Traverse Nature Conservancy concerning working with our Township and the role they will play in some recreational opportunities for our community. We are still awaiting confirmation on the dredging permits.


A letter came from the DNR informing us that the Waterways Grant has been delayed but that our project remains a high priority on the list. This delay is a result of the dredging that was approved. A letter from the law firm of Foster Swift representing Christopher Horsburgh against the application of herbicides to the bay to control the milfoil. Mark Engle submitted a letter against using the herbicides. 6 - DEQ Permits Reid reported on a letter that has been sent to Eric Bacon of the DEQ Water Resources Division concerning the permit application for the herbicide treatment to combat the milfoil in our Bays. We are concerned about our numerous potable water intakes and the 2,000 ft. required application setback distance. (A copy of this letter is on file in the Clerk’s office). On May 23 at 6:30 PM, at the Community Center, a Public Meeting with the Township Board and the Watershed Group is scheduled to inform the Public concerning the different strategies we are looking into to attack the milfoil. Holly Rohrer and Judy Hamel, representing the L.C. Community Foundation, attended the meeting to present the Twp. Board with a check in the amount of $5,000.00 to match the funds that were raised for the Snows Heritage Park.

Zoning Ordinances

The Board scheduled Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM to have a workshop to look over the suggestions and changes that Jim Murray sent us concerning the Zoning Ordinances.

Recycle Program

Carpenter reported that only one quote was received and that was from Smith Sanitation. The group looked at lots of ways to fund this program and looked at many other Counties and Townships that have recycling and have decided that the best way is to promote a .75 mill to be put on the tax bills. They are planning a special election in August for public vote. The group will plan a Public meeting for sometime in July to provide information as to how this will benefit our community, what a .75 mill will mean for a basic tax bill, and how the program will run.

Motion: Rutledge made the motion to approve the Recycle Committee to move forward with ballot language to be presented at the April meeting. Sherlund supported. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Old Business Sault Tribe – Community Transformation Grant Reid reported that through the Sault Tribe Community Transformation Grant program there are some Tribal resources available up to $3,000.00 for non-motorized transportation planning pathway grants for sidewalks, bicycle pathways, walking pathways, etc.

Resolution: Reid offered the following resolution supported by Wellnitz WHEREAS, increasing walking and bicycling offers the potential for greater health of the population, and more livable communities; and WHEREAS, a Complete Street is safe, comfortable and convenient for travel by automobile, foot, bicycle and transit regardless of age or ability; and WHEREAS, the Michigan Legislature has passed Complete Streets legislation that requires the Michigan Department of Transportation and local governments to consider all users in transportation related projects; and WHEREAS, the Michigan Planning Enabling Act has been amended, requiring that all transportation improvements identified in a plan are appropriate to the context of the community and considers all legal users of the public right of way; and WHEREAS, Complete Streets support economic growth and community stability by providing accessible and efficient connections between home, school, work, recreation and retail destinations by improving the pedestrian and vehicular environments throughout the communities; and WHEREAS, Clark Township recognizes the importance of street infrastructure and modifications such as sidewalks, crosswalks, shared use paths, bicycle lanes, signage, narrow vehicle lanes and accessible curb ramps that enable safe, convenient and comfortable travel for all users; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Clark Township, to the extent feasible, will include Complete Streets design considerations and practices as a routine part of the infrastructure planning and implementation; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Clark Township supports the future development of a non-motorized transportation plan and a Complete Streets Ordinance that supports ease of use and safety for all users of transportation systems within Clark Township. Roll Call Vote: Yes – Wellnitz, Carpenter, Reid, Rutledge, Sherlund. No – None. Absent – none. Resolution carried and adopted March 20, 2013.

New Business

Purchase of 20’ Tressel section Reid reported that this is important for the safety of launching boats at the Cedarville launch area. The cost is $5,415.00. It was discussed that the money would come out of the Hessel Marina fund.

Motion: Wellnitz made the motion to buy the 20’ tressel section dock for Cedarville harbor in the amount of $5,415.00. Carpenter supported. Roll Call: Yes Sherlund, Reid, Carpenter, Wellnitz, Rutledge. Motion carried.

Cemetery – Purchase flags and tractor repair

Rutledge reported that we are able to purchase flags to honor our veterans through the Pickford American Legion. Theyare8x12insizeandwouldcost $167.80 for 25 dozen (300).

Motion: Wellnitz made the motion to purchase the flags from the American Legion in the amount of $167.80. Sherlund supported. Roll Call: Yes Reid, Carpenter, Sherlund, Rutledge, Wellnitz. Motion carried.

Time Clock Purchase

Motion: Rutledge made the motion to allow up to $400.00 to purchase the new time clock that includes 33 badges and software and allow $30.00 for shipping. Carpenter supported. Roll Call: Yes - Reid, Rutledge, Sherlund, Wellnitz, Carpenter. Motion carried.

Sewer Supplies

Motion: Wellnitz made the motion to allocate $6,826.00 to pay Dubois Cooper and $4,918.00 to Redmond Environmental for the Sewer bills. Sherlund supported. Roll Call: Yes Rutledge, Reid, Sherlund, Carpenter, Wellnitz. Motion carried. Electric Repair: Hessel DPW building Motion: Carpenter made the motion to approve the Bryner Electric quote for fixing and adding a dedicated circuit for the furnace. Wellnitz supported. Roll Call: Yes Carpenter, Sherlund, Wellnitz, Reid, Rutledge. Motion carried.

2% Grant Approval

Rutledge and Reid prepared the grant application to request $14,000.00 from the Sault Tribe 2% funds for Scott Air- Paks for the Fire Dept.

Resolution: Wellnitz offered the following resolution supported Carpenter. WHEREAS: Scott Air-Paks are a necessity for the Les Cheneaux community, and WHEREAS: the Scott Air-Paks will be used by the Clark Township Fire Department who service the Cedar- ville, Hessel area, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Clark Township supports the Fire Department request for 2% monies. Roll Call Vote: Yes – Sherlund, Wellnitz, Carpenter, Reid, Rutledge. No – None. Resolution adopted.

Billing Clerk Increased Hours

Motion: Wellnitz made the motion to approve the Billing Clerk’s position to go to 30 hours retroactive to her date of hire until June 30th and then to be reviewed for the next fiscal year. Carpenter supported. Roll Call: Yes Carpenter, Reid, Rutledge, Sherlund, Wellnitz. Motion carried.

Adjournment: 9:00 PM

Motion: Sherlund made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Rutledge supported. All Ayes. Motion carried.

A full set of minutes are available in the Clerk’s office. They can also be reviewed on-line at: clarktwp.org.

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