2018-02-01 / News

For the Record...

In the January 25 issue of The St. Ignace News, in an article titled “Steve Honnila Becomes Fire Chief; Clark Township Considers Property Trade,” it was incorrectly stated the township has been looking at road ends, such as Islandview Road or Lake Street, as possible sites in Hessel for a dock intended for light commercial use, that there is a dock for recreational boating use at the end of Lake Street that could be used as the basis for such a dock, and that work crews have already used road ends for loading barges. In actuality, both road ends are unsuitable for this use and no dock is in existence at Lake Street. Commercial contractors have asked the township about the construction of a dock, but before any action is taken, the township is working on a road end ordinance that will name the permitted and restricted uses of the ones existing in the area. An idea for a Lake Street recreational dock has been proposed, and further discussion is pending. If the township were to build a light commercial dock, it would likely have to purchase property to do so.

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